Hunt for a Cure

Hunt for a Cure: An Unexpected Adventure to Save a Life is an inspiring adventure story about resourceful parents who dared to defy the odds and save their terminally ill newborn son’s life.Book Cover 3D

It began when Khrystal met Curtis, an entrepreneurial engineer, in 2007, and their adventurous lifestyles led them to start a journey which took them across three continents. But those experiences prepared them for the greatest adventure of their life.

In Hunt for a Cure, Khrystal describes their adventure of saving their newborn son’s life. Doctors diagnosed Hunter with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a rare and terminal disease, at eight weeks of age. SMA is similar to ALS in babies: It robs the ability to move, eat, swallow, and eventually breathe. The doctors told Curtis and Khrystal Hunter would survive an additional three to twelve months, but likely toward the lesser end, due to the severity of his symptoms.

Curtis convinced a researcher to help, obtained a chemistry for a potential treatment, and commercially manufactured it. A doctor began administering the treatments to Hunter at sixteen weeks old, just eight weeks after his diagnosis. Hunter was the first SMA patient treated for the disease. He started his treatments before the clinical trial of a similar compound began in the US. Curtis and Khrystal travel to Mexico with Hunter every six weeks for his treatments. Hunter turned four in July, and the adventure continues. In addition to saving Hunter, Curtis and Khrystal arranged for treatments for two other SMA babies. To accomplish this, they overcame surprising obstacles.

Hunt for a Cure offers hope to those diagnosed with rare diseases: one in ten Americans. It shows how our current health system and FDA effectively regulate us to death. Curtis and Khrystal challenged the status quo and showed what can be done with resourcefulness and determination. The book contains elements found in Tuesdays With Morrie, Lorenzo’s Oil, and Dallas Buyers Club.